Updated Officer Responsibilities and Meeting Planning Guidelines

Originally posted on September 22, 2011

Chicago Area Clinical Educators Forum (CACEF)
Officer Responsibilities and Meeting Planning Guidelines
(Adopted 11-07-07, revised 01-06-10, 01-08-14, 01-07-15)

Site Responsibilities:
  • Locate speaker, or gain assistance from CACEF co-chairs for speaker ideas
  • Talk with speaker ahead of time to discuss technology needs, if any, for presentation
  • Request speaker handout ahead of time, and make at least 20 copies for CACEF meeting attendees
  • Provide CACEF secretary with location and facility map/directions for meeting at least 2 weeks prior to meeting
  • If speaker stipend is required, speak to CACEF treasurer concerning availability of funds, check requests, etc.
  • Provide beverages (e.g. water, pop) and a snack for approximately 20 participants
  • Put up signs to direct foot traffic on site at location of meeting
  • Confirm with organization if host site is provider of CE hours

Speaker Responsibilities:
  • Prepare 1 hour of material on agreed upon topic
  • Prepare at least 1 page handout concerning topic to fulfill the requirements for CEU credit.  Components to stress for consideration for CEU hour:
    • Handout (at least one page)
    • References for presentation
    • Objectives
  • Communicate with site host about any technology needs, and share handout ahead of time so copies can be prepared prior to the meeting

CACEF Co-chair Responsibilities:
  • Prepare yearly agenda (locations, topics) at December wrap-up meeting.
  • Assist with contacting and setting up speakers.
  • Confirm site, speaker, and locations at least 1 month prior to meeting.
  • Prepare CEU certificates and sign, 20 copies.
  • Take attendance, if secretary is not present, and record on attendance tracking sheet.
  • Prepare feedback form, 20 copies.
  • Lead introductions at meeting, and facilitate discussion of CACEF agenda items.
  • Summarize feedback from previous meeting.
  • Follow up on issues for upcoming meetings to report at next meeting.
  • Attend a minimum of half the scheduled meetings per year.
  • Communicate with other co-chair to ensure that at least one co-chair is at every meeting.
  • Relay feedback from meeting to speaker.
  • Relay feedback from meeting to secretary for filing with the speaker’s handouts.
  • Convene ad-hoc research reviewers as requested.
  • Send recognition letters to Outstanding Clinical Instructors and their facilities.

CACEF Secretary Responsibilities:
  • E-mail meeting reminder with directions 1-2 weeks prior to meeting.
  • Provide sign in sheet at meeting.
  • Route sign in sheet.
  • Document attendance on main attendance form, or give to co-chair.
  • Prepare and send out minutes/handouts from previous meeting with directions/reminder of upcoming meeting.
  • Maintain list of members’ contact information based on report from treasurer.
  • Maintain list of members’ e-mail addresses for monthly reminders.
  • Route updated membership list, provided by Treasurer, each April to members (w/option to opt out by March of each year to have information beyond name/e-mail included on shared list).
  • Contact webmaster to update website as needed.

CACEF Treasurer Responsibilities:

  • Track CACEF funds.
  • Reimburse members for approved costs.
  • Receive and track membership dues.
  • Provide treasurer’s written report yearly and as needed orally.
  • Manage CACEF bank account.
  • Forward membership information to Secretary as individuals join and by April of each year, sharing knowledge of any members who opt out of having contact information shared with other CACEF members beyond name/e-mail.
  • Route member list to new CACEF members who join after April group distribution by Secretary.